Saturday, March 19, 2011


Burning the ocean


  1. Wow, George... amazing! This is an excellent image. You could get $ for this one!

  2. Gorgeous colors! I like that the sunset is offset from center and I love the bigness of the sky. Wonderful image!

  3. Thanks Mike and Kari.
    I'm in the market for a DSLR (currently don't own one) and have been looking at the new Sony SLT-A55. The Sony can use any of the Alpha lens on the market. What do you guys think?
    My e-mail is george . ferreira @ gmail . com
    Remove the spaces. Thanks

  4. Hi George,
    Sorry for the late reply. Mike, or Bobskoot can probably tell you more than I can. I'm not familiar with the Sony, nor all that knowledgeable about cameras in general. I imagine all the regular brands are pretty good. Mainly which one feels good in your hands, and has the features you might be interested in using. If you haven't discovered it yet, dpreview is a good website/forum for all sorts of camera information. Good luck in your search! I think you'll enjoy working with a dslr. :)

  5. Kari:
    I know about dpreview, have visited many times. Thanks.



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