Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Atlantic

Another HDR experiment


  1. Very nice. :)
    I still haven't played much with HDR. I need to get busy!

  2. beautiful... it sure would be nice to visit there again! =)

  3. Kari:
    Thank you. I love HDR, love the exagerated colors but I don't have the right equipment yet.

    Thank you. HDR of ocean scenes is always a problem because waves don't stop for you to take 3 or 5 pictures ;-) I have seen beautiful artwork on Flickr and other places. I started this tumblr for pictures and videos I find beautiful and for inspiration. Check it out

  4. Hi George,

    I didn't think about the waves & doing HDR... you have a point! =)

    Thank you for the comment you left on my blog...
    The site for the Mouse Over instructions is on my post today where it says Mouse Over & I can't remember if I've sent it to you before or not... but here it is -

    I'd be happy to help if you want, but you're right, it's really fun!!! =)

  5. Tricia:
    Thanks for the instructions.

  6. George:

    For HDR shots of Waves (and other moving objects) you may wish to use the one shot method if your camera can shoot RAW. One shot and in your conversions generate 3 photos -2, 0, +2 as you can do this using your RAW converter.

    I just read that you hurt your shoulder. Aren't we a fine bunch of old foggies. If we take all the good extremities from each other, perhaps we could assemble one good functioning Human form.

    I was just thinking that I need a good foot. We could double up on the bike, you could shift and I could steer.

    Riding the Wet Coast

  7. Bob:
    Yes, my camera does shoot in RAW and I know I could do that. It works, I've tried.
    Yea, shoulder still hurts, these things take a long time to heal and the older we get the more difficult it is :-(



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